Lash Training & Certification



What will I learn at this lash certification?

  • How to properly place and apply lash extensions onto the natural lash
  • How to make fans - Master 4 different volume fanning techniques - pinch method, off the strip method, easy fan method, and pre-made pick up and placement, and how to how to pro(fessionally)-make fans and properly store them for future services
  • Speed lashing and isolation tips to prevent frustration
  • About the natural lash health, and contraindications that should prohibit you from servicing particular clients

What's included in the training kit?

  • Pink Massage Table (depending on the plan you choose)
  • Mannequin Head 
  • 10 lash trays - classic, volume, easy fans and pre-made trays
  • 2 tweezers
  • 2 adhesives
  • cream remover
  • tapes and eye pads
  • lash tile
  • Fan
  • Microswab brushes
  • lash wands
  • 30+ page lash manual


What type of business mentorship will I learn?

  • Go over the Lash Lab Business Checklist
  • How to set up your LLC
  • Social media pages to set up
  • How to gain clients and keep people returning
  • Pricing
  • Independent Contracting vs Booth renting 
  • Being your brand
  • Marketing 101
  • Guidance for local Esthetician programs that are time and cost effective. NOTE: You are required to obtain your Esthetician's license to be a licensed Lash Artist in both Oregon and Washington.

Lash Lab Training / Certification provides the most well rounded skillset you could get. While I don't believe anyway can learn an industry worth knowledge in 1-2 days of training, I make sure that my mentorship and ongoing open communication allows you to continue to grow your skill set in the physical practice of lashes, as well as the business development side of this industry.

  • Test out of 4 different mannequin head challenges - classic, hybrid, volume and a mega volume set
  • Watch me walk you through a full set on a live model
  • After the course, spend your first month working on the provided mannequin head, sending me photos and videos where I provide challenging feedback and tips to help you continue to improve.