The Girl Boss

Amantha Hood is the CEO and founder of Lash Lab PDX. As a Portland native, it’s only right that her city maintains ties to her business. Amantha graduated with her Bachelor in Arts from Linfield College in 2017, where she studied communications and marketing. Shortly after, she graduated with her Esthetician’s License from Portland Beauty School. She’s been lashing ever since....

Ms. Hood enjoys all things lash related. From servicing clients- to putting other lash artists in positions to win! Ms. Hood has been sampling products for two years, and upon finding her perfect match for her inventory collections, she launched Lash Lab PDX Supplies. She takes pride in fulfilling the best products the industry has. She focuses on dark dense lashes, glues that maintain low fumes and fabulous retention, and a wide range in tweezer collections, so every tech can find her perffff pick.


Lash Lab believes that the most important element in training is building leadership in each individual, and providing guidance and mentorship to every unique lash journey. Instead of teaching the basics and handing you the manual to go, Lash Lab builds the most solid kit, provides a 1-on-1 game plan and provides business insight beyond finding the sweet spot on your tweezers.


Being an established lash artist, starts off with the the proper training to be an amazing business woman. Train with Lash Lab PDX, to learn 3-trainings, and 4-years of in depth research worth material and marketing insight- to build your personalized lash dream!