Volume lashes take over the industry!

Unpopular opinion: Classic lash extensions and trays will be slim in sales or completely obliterated in the industry. 

Classic lashes, although popular, will eventually fade in the lash industry due to their weight burdening natural lashes. Opting for natural glam sets (also known as wet lash looks) with closed fans is a healthier alternative. These lighter lashes provide a more comfortable experience, allowing natural lashes to thrive while still achieving a stunning look.


Do you see a big difference in these looks?


My question for the industry is, why are we still using classic lashes? I’m not suggesting we skip the fundamentals of classic lash application. I do believe we could and should use classic and beginner lash training to master the confidence and importance of placement, lash direction, lash weight knowledge and isolation. 

Why or why don’t you choose the natural glam sets over classic sets? They can look so similar, so I love to hear why people still choose classic over this style?

A 9D .05 volume fan = A single .15 classic lash. Furthermore, a closed 3-4 D volume fan is lighter weight then a classic lash.

Benefits of The Natural Glam Style:
- Less likely to compromise natural lash health
- Less inventory professionals are needing to purchase, as you can multi-purpose volume lash trays.

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