Researching your Lash Course.....

We see $300 course, and get excited, not knowing much about the industry but hoping that particular course will cover it all! It typically falls short of the trainees expectations, when she leaves the 4-hour class without confidence, the fundamentals or any business start up knowledge. 

Don't let the cost decipher which training you take. Let the knowledge, ongoing mentorship and the potential of your business success determine where you plan to get certified. 

Let's put it this way, the $2,000 course is worth it if it prepares you to be a thorough, educated and booked lash artist. In order to be a hot commodity in your city, you have to be different and hold top notch application, professionalism and marketing and business. 

Your Job during your Certification Search:

  • Do your research
  • Contact the trainer with questions, and make sure both of your personalities mesh well
  • Decide what levels of training you need to do - beginners, classic, volume, or all of those encompassed in one training
  • Define the credentials the trainer holds, making sure they're both a licensed esthetician and certified lash artist
  • If you're new to the industry start off with a beginners course to learn the fundamentals, or take an all inclusive course which starts with fundamentals and goes on to more advanced topics
  • Prepare to practice daily after your training course, on the sponge (placement) and on the mannequin head
  • Prepare to practice for a month before working on a live model

Questions to research and ask the educator:

  • What is the cost? Do you have payment plans? When does the training need to be paid off?
  • How long is the training? Do you provide breaks? Lunch?
  • How many other people are in the training? 
  • Are there live models in the certification or strictly mannequin work?
  • Is there ongoing mentorship, if so what does this imply?
  • What will I need to physically do to be certified at the training?
  • Does your manual include business training and tips to become a legal lash artist?


  • Learn about the educator: What type of education have you obtained? Where did you go to school and get certified?
  • If it's a beginners course: Do you go over isolation? Placement? Contraindications and Infection Control? Anatomy? History and Theory? In depth explanation of allergies?
  • If it's an advanced course: How many fan making techniques will you teach?What is included in the kit? How many tweezer sets do I get? How many services will I be able to do with this kit? Will I be able to test out and buy other products at the training? Is it a 3-d realistic mannequin head or the lash strip mannequin head I'll receive?