Lashing from Start to Finish

Lash artists often train and gain confidence in lash application, removals and product knowledge but don't know where to begin in the step by steps of lash services. I hope this allows you to gain insight that prevents miscommunications and improves your business ratings!

Step 1:

Create an easy booking system that requires a deposit, and texts the customer your location, appointment reminder and policies. 

Step 2:

Reach out to your client, and request an inspiration photo, and ask them about the look they're going for and their day to day facial regime and makeup.

Step 3:

Set up an hour before your appointments. This includes having all of your products sanitized and ready, environment in range for adhesive to work properly and consultation form prepared.

Step 4:

Greet and consult your client. Find out their preferred lash volume, length, curl and style. Provide your professional insight on which of those you'd suggest, and will optimize their retention, natural lash health and overall lash journey.

Step 5:

Ask your client if they have any questions, confirm that you're aligned on the set they are going to get, and confirm a price difference if it's not the same as the one they originally booked.

Step 6:

Make sure your client had the opportunity to use the restroom, sip water and silence their phone.

Step 7:

Start the lash service. An optimal lash service will:

- Be under 3-hours for full sets, and under 1.5 hours for fills.

- Cleanse their lashes and fan them dry before taping.

- Provide a comfortable tape job, and confirm they're comfortable throughout the service

- Get a before photo and video from the lash artist viewpoint. 

- Communicate their natural lash health to them.

- Fan them completely dry, and make sure their in a fumeless situation before opening the eyes.

- Show them their lashes, and ask them what they think, and if there's anything they'd consider changing about them or prefer. 

- Notate the mapping, client experience, and anything you should remember about that particular client. 


Step 8: 

Communicate aftercare, and suggest your client purchase a cleanser kit. An educated lash artist will communicate:

- Suggestion to refrain from excessive heat, oil and salt

- Use your lash wand to adjust lashes, and even them out, and not use fingers to fix lashes.

- Do not tug, pull or pick at your lashes

- Attempt to sleep on your back to prevent excessive tension on the lash extensions.

- Ask them to communicate any discomfort, or red eyes that last more than an hour after the service. 


Step 9:

Get some after photos and videos. Get photos from the lash tech view to showcase isolation, and lash placement. Get photos from the front to show what everyone else will see when they see your gorgeous client. 

Step 10:

Pre-book their next 1-2 fills out, on a bi-weekly schedule. Communicate that they should communicate any discrepancies with their set within 24-hours, to get a free fix no later than 48-hours of the original appointment. 

Step 11.

Follow up with new clients 24-hours after the appointment and ask them how they're doing, and how their lashes are.