Don't stop at your Lash Certification: Licensing vs. Certification

An esthetician license and certificate are both important credentials that individuals can obtain to work in the field of esthetics. The scope of esthetics includes providing skincare and beauty treatments such as facials, dermaplaning, waxing, sugaring, lash extensions, lash tints, lash lifts, brow lamination, brow tinting and more. However, there are some key differences between a license and a certification. 

An esthetician license is a professional credential that is typically obtained by completing a state-approved and accredited esthetician program and passing a licensing exam. In Oregon, licensing is regulated by the Health and Licensing office, also known as HLO. A license is required in most states to legally practice the earlier described services, as an esthetician. The licensing process ensures that estheticians have received the necessary education and training to provide safe and effective treatments to clients. With an esthetician license, individuals have the ability to work in a variety of settings, such as spas, salons, and medical offices. (Please note the HLO, also calls an esthetician license an estheticians certificate interchangebly, but they're referring to a license, where you have to go to school and pass a state board.)

On the other hand, a certificate is a shorter, services focused program that provides individuals with basic knowledge and skills in a particular specialty services of esthetics. For example, a lash certification such as our 4-day, 20-hour lash and business masterclass - teaches students how to focus their career on that service.

While a certificate program may cover some of the same topics as a license program, it may not meet the requirements set by the state licensing board. Therefore, individuals with a certificate may have limited job opportunities and may not be able to perform treatments to the public. 

In summary, an esthetician license is a more comprehensive and regulated credential that allows individuals to work as professional estheticians, while an service certificate provides a basic level of training but may have limitations in terms of job opportunities and services that can be offered.

In the state of Oregon, to be a legal lash artist, you're required to obtain your estheticians license and lash certification, according to 2013 legislation


So, License or Certification first?

If you want to do things in the proper steps, license first, and certification during or after you're enrolled in your estheticians program. Why? That's legally what you should do. 


What happens if I get certified before I get licensed? And why do some people do this?
Some people will choose to get certified in lash extensions before enrolling in an estheticians program, to make sure the service is something they're serious about before investing in an esthetics license. One cannot legally service the public, if they choose to go this route.