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This course is EVERYTHING you need to get started in the industry. It includes the "search no more" training material, training kit and entire lash service station.

You will be a confident lash artist and business person upon completing our training, lecture and mentorship.

Training Kit Includes ENTIRE service station:

- Lash Recliner (for your clients comfort, and proper service ergonomics) 
- Lash moonlight (for proper station lighting)
- Lash stool (for the tech)
- XXL Pink Rolling Case with double the inventory than our traditional training kits
- Sanitation tool kit
- Online Business Module: You have access to our online resources before, during and after training! 
- "It's more than social media": Marketing, Branding and Attracting Clients 
- Retention and Product Chemistry 
- "The Lash Professional": Creating Boundaries and Policies for Success
- Business Start up Resources and Legal Information
- Sanitation 101 
Training Take away:
- 4 days of hands on fundamentals and advanced technique
- Become confident in the application of Classic, hybrid, volume and mega volume
- Simplify your individual lash and full set removals with our techniques
- Learn proper lash hygiene, sanitation, contraindications and disease control. 
- Lash Theory: The things you need to know to provide healthy and lasting sets. 
Enrollment information:
- $600 Deposit to get Enrolled! Remaining balance due 24-hours prior to training start date, in cash or via card transaction.
- Total cost of training: $3,600 
More information:
- Become double certified in beginner and advanced training!
- Learn the Breakdown & Fundamentals of Isolation, Placement, Application and Removal.
- Knowledge of lash weight, curl and length
- Natural Lash health and contraindications
- Sanitation & Tool Care
- Retention & Adhesive 101
- Marketing and Branding
- Volume and Mega Volume Wrapping Techniques
- Pinch Method Fanning 
- Learn tools to cut lash time down, so you can maximize client reach
- This is a 4-day training, split up 2-days beginner one week, and 2-days advanced training another week. 
- Trainings are non-refundable, but are transferable one time.

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